“Hello Darling!” for Wellspring Gift

Why, hello darlings!! Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow at 2 pm I’ll be at the Wellspring Gift showroom at the Dallas Market Center celebrating my new notepad and notecard initials collection with them, ‘Hello Darling!’  They also have lots of NEW and completely fabulous Urban Chic products to check out. We’ll be handing out FREE Urban Chic list pads, so if you’ll be at market, be sure to stop by the Next Generation Showroom #1028 in the Dallas Trade Mart, pick-up your free notepad, and say hi ! I’d simply love to meet you and say hello darling!! xo!

Laffy Taffy Tuesday Riddle Reveal!

What’s black, white, and red all over? 

This week’s winner is Carime!! She literally posted the answer less than a minute after the riddle was up…geesh, that’s some fast thinking Carime! I’ll get your bag of laughs in the mail!
For the rest of you, on this first day of Summer, don’t forget the sunscreen to avoid looking like our sunburnt zebra friend! Check back next week for another chance to win!

Giveaway: Laffy Taffy Tuesday

Like my fancy animated riddle?…thank you google for unleashing the magic. For awhile now I’ve
been wanting to make a stop-motion video after I saw this incredible piece by Bayly & Moore on style/SWOON  back in March. I quickly became obsessed with creating one of my own. So far
though, it’s only looping on repeat in my head.  Someday soon I hope to actually put one together.
To satiate my obsession for animation just a bit, I created this weeks riddle as a silly little
animated gif file.

So get to solvin’, post your answers as a comment, and if you’re first with the correct answer,
you’ll WIN your very own bag of Laffy Taffy loveliness!! Enjoy your day! xo!

Laffy Taffy Tuesday Riddle Reveal!

What did the math book say to the pencil?…

Hey Folks! First, I’d like to apologize for keeping you up an extra night wracking your brain because you didn’t have the answer to Tuesday’s Laffy Taffy riddle! I’m not sure what happened to Wednesday…I’ve been working on a couple of new and WAY exciting projects and yesterday literally flew by and vanished before I knew it!

I must say you all are SO very clever with your answers…and have made me realize how terrible my husband and I are at solving these suckers…we’re phenomenal at eating the taffy, just not solving the riddles!!

So, this week’s super-solver Laffy Taffy Tuesday riddle winner is Meridith! Way to go smarty pants! Your bag of Laffy Taffy deliciousness is on it’s way!

Check back next Tuesday for another chance to win your very own bag of giggles! xo!

Giveaway: Laffy Taffy Tuesday

Hey there all you Brainiacs…Get to solvin’ today’s riddle, post your answer in the comments section, and remember, first one to comment with the correct answer, and like my Facebook page gets a bag-o-laughs…a bag of Laffy Taffy that is!! Happy Laffy Taffy Tuesday, friends!!