GIVE-AWAY: Hello Gorgeous Charm Pack & Quilt Market

GIVE-AWAY WINNER: Drumroll please….and the winner (via of the Hello Gorgeous Charm Pack is KENNA!! Congrats darlin’!!  Please email your address to me at and I’ll drop the charm pack in the mail tomorrow. So excited to see what you create! :) Thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for another fun giveaway next week!! 

Quilt Market  wrapped up today, and what a blast we had! I feel so very fortunate to have been able to attend…
and it be within driving distance. Yay, Houston! My mom, sister and I made a girls’ trip out of it and
had a great time. I met so many wonderful people, and seeing Team Windham was fabulous, as always!
I’m so very excited for Hello Gorgeous to land in stores this March and see what all you creative people out there make with this collection.

I thought I’d share a few images I snapped of my little corner in the Windham Booth. The first image is of Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs and I…she’s the sweet, lovely lady who made many of the beautiful projects for the booth. She’s working on writing up the sewing patterns, and those will be for sell soon!! Also, I snapped a picture of Erin and her mother holding up the beautiful Picture Perfect quilt that Erin designed and pieced. It was a dynamite hit!

Also, I want to give a huge thank you to John Kubiniec of Big Rig Quliting. He took my sketch of the Rose Petal Rumba quilt (the one hanging on the wall in the photos) and then made the actual quilt
without a pattern. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Lastly, several lovely people showed up for the charm-pack giveaway, but I know some of you fabulous peeps weren’t there…so I wanted to offer up a Hello Gorgeous charm-pack, a 5″ x 5″ square of each print in my collection.  I was only able to snag one of these little bundles of gorgeousness, but it’s your’s for the taking. There are several ways to enter…the more you do, the better your chance…and seriously folks, not many people read my blog (yet ;) ), so your odds are pretty good. Everyone is welcome to enter!

Ways to enter:

1) Like my Iza Pearl Design Facebook page, and then comment on my blog that you did so

2) Comment on my blog with what you’d make with the Hello Gorgeous charm pack or how you would use it (non-sewing crafts welcome as well!)

3) Share the link to my Iza Pearl blog on your Facebook Page, and then comment on my blog that you did so

4) Ask your friends to “Like” my Iza Pearl Design Facebook page, and then each of you comment separately with what you think your friend should make with the charm pack. Be sure to leave your friends’ first name and last name initial. (EX: My friend Shawnna G. liked the Iza Pearl Facebook page, and I think she should make a quilted coaster set…for me!! ;) )

5) Head on over to my Pinterest board, Hello Gorgeous for Windham Fabrics, and re-pin your favorite Hello Gorgeous project (or two or three). Then leave a comment on the blog letting me know which project(s) you pinned.

Winner will be chosen by and announced on 11.01.12 at 8:00pm. 

Good luck!!

This delicious charm pack could be your’s!! Ready, set, go enter….

Hello Gorgeous: Quilt Market or Bust!

Tomorrow morning, my sister, mom and I head to Houston for Quilt Market. I’m so very excited because my second fabric line with Windham Fabrics, Hello Gorgeous will be making it’s debut.

Before leaving for Peru a few weeks ago, I left you with this teaser of a few of the projects we had made…
but let me tell you folks, it’s  gotten even better! While I was vacationing in Peru, there was a slew of wonderful ladies sewing their hearts out at super lightening speed making fab-fab-FABULOUS samples for the Hello Gorgeous display. I just have to share their handiwork with you. If you’ll be at market, please stop by the Windham Fabric booth, #324, on Saturday from 3-4pm…we’ll be handing out FREE charm packs of my collection…and who doesn’t love a little FREE gorgeousness?

Words can not fully express my gratitude to all the lovely people who have crafted and created to make
these gorgeous samples!

Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs is truly dynamite! She is so creative, crafty, amazingly skilled and as
sweet as cotton candy! A pure joy to collaborate with…she’s got big plans for her business, so keep your
eyes on her and watch her sparkle!

Debbie Buford, did an incredible job quilting the Picture Perfect Quilt. Debbie’s son is the boyfriend of one
of my very dear friends. Over dinner with them one evening, he mentioned his mother had a long arm quilting machine…I knew at that moment he was perfect for my friend and a keeper. ;) I’m so very thankful for her willingness to quilt for me, so very last minute as a huge rush! Thank you Debbie!

Sarah Tonemah is simply fabulous.  She’s got great style, is truly darling, and crafting skills to die for.
She did an amazing job taking my sketch of The Weekender and creating a gorgeous masterpiece.
Thanks so very much dear!!

Lastly, my husband, my big sis and mom are truly the greatest. Thank you all!!

See Saturday at Quilt Market in booth #324!! xo!

Hello Gorgeous!

Why, hello gorgeous! It’s been awhile. I’ve been so very blessed to be super-duper busy with lots of fun and awesome projects. So many exciting things to share.

The last couple of weeks (with the help of the incredible Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs,  my absolutely amazing husband, my magnificent mom, and super awesome sister) we’ve been getting ready for the debut of my 2nd fabric collection with Windham Fabrics, Hello Gorgeous. Hello Gorgeous will be making it’s splash at Quilt Market  at the end of the month. I’m so very excited about this collection and can’t wait to make and share more projects!

Anyways, I wanted to show you some images of a few of the projects that we’ve been making…

Ms. Erin Schlosser designed and made the fancy Garden Party Clutch…isn’t it gorgeous?! She is designing and sewing her heart out on so many fabulous projects I can’t wait to show you!

My husband, made all the pillows, stuffed animals, and reupholstered the settee. Talk about marrying a fantastic skill set, and one of the most amazing things about him?…he doesn’t complain about my creative craziness when I think up these ideas and I ask him to help. He’s my number one fan, as am I his!

My mom, also super-hero supportive in every way, came and helped out doing everything from sewing the Rozella Ruffle Pillow, spray painting tables and walls, and acting as my photo assistant! Geesh, what a great mom, huh?

My sister, has also been such a help brainstorming and picking the fabric combinations for some of the projects. She’s sewing a few things, that will no doubt make your heart melt.

A pretty gorgeous team I have helping me, huh? I praise the Good Lord every day for blessing me with them!!

Lastly, I wanted to share the amazing transformation of the settee which we bought for a steal off of Craigslist…and oh, how I heart Craigslist!!Well folks, I better go…I have a mile long to-do list today…because tomorrow we are leaving for Peru, yup, that’s right, PERU!! I’m so very excited and will be sure to post all about our adventure when we return. (and a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE hug and thank you to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are coming to stay at our house to dog and house sit. Thank you!!)  Hope you all have a GORGEOUS day!!