The Great Surtex Adventure: 2013 Edition

Hi there all you shiny happy people! We’re back from our annual trip to Surtex. For those of you who don’t know, Surtex is an art licensing trade show held each May in New York City at the Javits Center. Artists and agents of
all styles exhibit their portfolios. Manufacturers from all industries attend looking for the perfect art to make their product the hottest thing since pre-pregenancy Kim Kardashian hit the scene. ;) (Although, I’ve got to say, I
didn’t  think her “Mrs. Doubtfire” Met Gala floral frock was that bad, but obviously, I’m such a sucker for floral anything. The gloves were definitely too much though.) This was my 3rd year exhibiting, and seems the most promising yet!! I met with so many stellar companies, chit-chatted with so many fabulous people, and simply
had a ball!!

This year, we decided not to drive out, but instead ship a crate and fly out since we had enough air miles for two free tickets…SCORE! Although I must say, we did miss the 3 day road trip in our rented Dodge Caravan through some of the prettiest states.

Not to bore you with logistical details, but we got lots of inquiries from other artist at the show on how we shipped everything, so I thought I would share. We didn’t ship anything via the Surtex contracted services. We found them to be a lot more expensive than shipping on our own. Luckily, we could ship from my parent’s shop so we avoided any gate or forklift charges. A generous friend allowed us to ship to his warehouse in Jersey City so we didn’t have a crate storage fee. We rented a U-Haul, drove to Jersey City, and unloaded the crate ourselves to avoid the crazy “transport” fee from the warehouse to the Javits Center. We also shipped the 8′ x 10′ backdrop and another box via Southwest Cargo. We never had used this service before, but it was super easy, the Southwest folks were so very friendly and kind, and the service was sooo much cheaper than shipping via another service. The only deal-pickle with using Southwest Cargo is you have to drop off and pick up from the airport. This really wasn’t a problem for us because we live close to Dallas Lovefield, and then the Newark airport was on the way to the warehouse in Jersey City.

Okay, okay enough with the blah blah logistics…let’s get on with the show… [Read more...]