FALL 2014 Quilt Market: Sunshine Serenade Style

I said in my last post, that many hands make for light work, and certainly makes it more fun. Our booth would have not even been close to possible without the generous chorus of Stitching Saints that stitched so gorgeously. While these 9 beautiful souls were sewing their hearts out, my husband (lovingly known by friends as the “one man sweat shop”) and I were busy kitting and shipping their projects, painting backdrops, building ottomans (with help from Mia our dog), cutting, staining, and painting floor tiles, stenciling fabric for booth walls, cutting down Crate Myrtle branches to hang in our booth, and making cacti, tassels, and pendant flags.

Ya’ll, this type of thing totally is what makes up tick and we live for every minute of it. We love working as a team made up of individuals near and far, to create, create, create, crazy awesomeness. We had an all-star line up, that delivered all-star results! [Read more...]

Sunshine Serenade & The Chorus of Stitching Saints

Hey, hey! I’m so excited to say that my fourth fabric collection with Windham Fabrics, Sunshine Serenade, is finally hitting store shelves!! This collection, based on a series of paintings I did is full of color, calmness, craziness, and METALLICS, all in one!! Not metallics as in Vegas show girl, but just that right amount of glitz and glamour with subtle hits of silver and gold that dazzle here and there…oh, and we even have some super-soft and fabulous jersey knits!!

In August, on social media, I put out an SOS looking for Needle Throwing Ninjas to help stitch up Quilt Market and look-book samples.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing and vast amount of people that came to the rescue offering their services. The results, ya’ll, were stunning!! With every completed project I received in the mail, I was amazed. These people poured in so much time, passion, and love creating unbelievable gorgeousness! (**Please note that all project pattern info and fabric SKUs used can be found via the Sunshine Serenade look-book)

(above: All outfits, besides boy’s button-up shirt, sewn by Alison O’Grady of Sew Bee It Clothier /
Boy’s button-up shirt sewn by Julie Lang of Teddy Boy Style)

This crew of sewists worked at lighting speed to turn around these fabulous projects to make our scheduled photoshoot. We were lucky enough to have Will Ramsey of The Ramseys Photography  out of Houston come to Dallas and take such dynamite pictures!  This husband and wife photography duo it uber-talented, and I would highly, highly recommend them for any of your photography needs.  [Read more...]