Melissa Ybarra, the creative force behind Iza Pearl Design, spends her days awash in the fresh, fanciful colors and creations of her studio and playing with her two blue merle dogs, Mia and Ruby.

After graduating with a Communications degree from the University of Kansas and working a few years for the YMCA, Melissa found herself constantly consumed with the desire to create. She followed this passion South on the Chislom Trail and landed in Dallas, where she attended and graduated from the Art Institute with a BFA in Graphic Design.

With her art, she hopes to remind the world that life always has a fresh, fanciful side and that you’re never too old to play–be it with color, your food, your friends, or your purpose.

She draws her inspiration from everyday life—a Kansas sunset, sharing Texas-size nachos and a margarita with her mother and sister, combing the beaches of Big Sur with her husband, and drawing inspiration from design greats such as Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Neuman, and Josef Frank.

Melissa is excited to share the colors, whimsy, and fun of Iza Pearl Design with you, and she hopes that you will be inspired to fanciful dreams, whimsical living, and playful design!

  • in God, and the power of His love.
  • more is always better, unless referring to cellulite.
  • in following your God-given passion because it’s there for a reason.
  • being nice is beautiful, even on a bad hair day.
  • in loving your family and friends with all that you are.
  • in laughing so hard you can’t breathe.
  • in working sometimes and playing always.
  • humor is the best way to deal with difficult people, embarrassing moments, and hard times.
  • in never being afraid to live playfully and fancifully.