Laffy Taffy Riddle Reveal!

Drum roll please…and the winner is Leo! Yay! You all are oh-so clever!  Every week, I think that I’ll stump you, but nope, someone literally solves the riddle within minutes (sometimes seconds)!  There are some serious Riddle Masters out there! (and I’m DEFINITELY not one of them!) Leo, I’ll be sure to get your Laffy Taffy to you asap so you can polish up your riddle solving skills!

In case any of you are eating light lunches (and hopefully NOT ingesting lightbulbs) so you’ll look fantastic sporting that fabulous Rosa Chá bikini, you can find it here.


GIVEAWAY: Laffy Taffy Tuesday

Apologies for missing last week.  I was rushing to finish up a project, not that things are much different this week (which is wonderfully awesome!), but I just had to break away for a little Laffy Taffy Tuesday action because hey, it’s Tuesday! So get to solving…first one to comment with the correct answer (according to the wrapper) gets their very own bag of this sweet treat, and sharing is optional!! Sooooo, get your riddle-solvin’ on!!

Laffy Taffy Tuesday Riddle Reveal!


This week Master Riddle-Solver is Toni!  Yay, way to go! There were some seriously “FAN-tastic” answers this week.  You’re such a clever bunch! Thanks to everyone who posted!

Giveaway: Laffy Taffy Tuesday

Hey Folks! It’s your favorite day of the week…Laffy Taffy Tuesday!! Let’s hear your answers. First one to
comment with the correct answer gets their very own bag of Laffy Taffy.
Enjoy your Tuesday!
(If you’re in the market for some really rad vintage fans, check these beauties out here and here!!)

Laffy Taffy Tuesday Riddle Reveal!!

And the winner is….Carime!! Carime, my dears, is a master riddle-solver! This is her second time to win…and she literally answered it within minutes of the riddle being posted! Way to go Carime! Thanks everyone for your answers!  There were some great ones!!  And of course, remember to wear your sunscreen
so you don’t peel!