Quilt Market Part Fall 2013-Part II: Let’s talk about Gratitude

Hey there folks! So, this post is way, way, way overdue, and for that I am so very sorry. The weeks following market were a crazy whirlwind and before I knew it, 2014 was staring me in the face. Right after market, I kept getting sick with nasty colds, which I hadn’t been sick for years. Come to find out, I had mono. What?!? Seriously, random…as in 2% of people over the age of 25 get the virus, and I, at 31, was the oldest that my doctor had ever seen. Most people have it as infants with little to no symptoms. Anyhoo, that adventure is really an entire blog post in itself. But let me just say, I am so very GRATEFUL it wasn’t anything more serious and it’s made me so very thankful each and every day for my health.

Also, right after market, my husband and I randomly, without much planning, launched our Iza Pearl Shop. We initially did it as a way to recoup some of our funds that we had spent on Quilt Market; and honestly, we have totally enjoyed having our little online store. Matt and I are so very THANKFUL for everyone who has encouraged us and purchased from us. Again, really the Iza Pearl Shop journey is another blog post in it’s self for another day…soon.

So, let’s get down to business and take a little tour of our Fall 2013 Garden Party Tango Quilt Market Booth. If you missed Part 1 of my Quilt Market blog posts, be sure to check it out for details of all the wonderful and stunning projects. Also, don’t miss our Garden Party Tango market catalog available online.

At market, we had a great little corner bursting with Garden Party Tango goodness within the Windham Fabrics‘ main booth. It was extremely rewarding to see the hard work and love of many come together so beautifully.

I’m so very grateful to Windham for having the confidence in me to A) sign me as one of their artist B) give me the opportunity to have a booth at market to shine…and let me tell you folks, SHINE, we did. It was such a happy, hip, and sunshiny corner in the George R. Brown Convention Center!!

So, the below quilt is by Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs and was gorgeously quilted by Danielle Wilkes of Nacho Mama’s Quilt. The quilt name is “Flower Garden”, but honestly, it should have been named “Show Stopper”. Seriously folks, herds of people would come by and stare and stare and then finally take a few bazillion pictures. It’s BEAUTIFUL and DAZZLING and BRILLIANT! Erin nailed it with the design of this beauty and then the quilting is like impeccable icing on an already delicious cake! Erin managed to merge both simplicity and complexity with this beauty. She pulled the designs of the flowers out of my prints, eloquently assigned various fabrics to them, and then gracefully arranged and appliqued them cascading down the center. Wow, incredible, eh?!? The pattern to make this beauty is available here.

Honestly, no word or words are adequate to express the extreme gratitude I have for each and everyone of the sweet human beings who made this precious booth come together. God’s work is amazing and to see how each of these individuals came into my life could have only been orchestrated by the Divine. Truly, I’m so grateful for every snip, stitch, second, and love that these fine people poured into these projects. So without further ado, I’d like you to meet my Stitching Ninjas….

First, the amazingly awesome Alicia Ybarra of Vanya Designs

1) Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns 2) Inspirational maxi skirt which happens to be my favorite skirt ever! 3) Super stylish inspirational Dress 4) 1011 Plain & Simple 24/7 Pencil Skirt (promise to get a better pic…I wore it at market and got a bazillion compliments on it!!) 

Alicia and I are from the same small town, Wellington, Kansas. For all you grain loving enthusiasts, Wellington happens to be the Wheat Capital of the World. :) Also, both Alicia and I are married to dear Ybarra cousins. One of my very first memories of Alicia was watching her arrive to prom via the cab of an 18-wheeler and stepping out in a gorgeous gown that she had made herself. Yep, folks, that’s right, Alicia was making stunning, memorable formalwear as a high-schooler!!! I can barely tell you what my prom dresses looked like, but her’s has stuck in my brain all these years. I was as amazed then, as I am now by this girl’s incredible talent, eye-for-detail, sweet spirit, and mind-blowing style! I am SO very GRATEFUL that this lovely lady took time out of her busy life and business to sew for me. She is the owner of Vanya Designs and Custom Sewing in Derby, Kansas. Seriously folks, if you’re in the need for any fancy custom sewing she’s your gal.  She specializes in formal and wedding wear, but can do it all, and truly is amazing.

Next up, meet sweet, wonderful, super-hero, Alison O’Grady of Sew Bee It Clothier.

1) Amy’s Peplum Blouse by Lily Bird Studio 2) Brooke Riding Pants by Violette Field Threads   3) Art Museum Vest by Oliver + S and inspirational bow-tie 4) Josephine Dress by Violette Field Threads  5) Josephine Dress by Violette Field Threads 6) Josephine Dress by Violette Field Threads Patterns 7) Inspirational Paper Bag skirt with sash 8) Roller Skate Dress by Oliver + S

Yes, you’re seeing that right people. Alison sewed a gorgeous total of 9 items (including the bow-tie) for the Garden Party Tango. She’s one heck of a dancer and tangos with her sewing machine SO very well!! Alison is certainly a God thing in my life. She’s the talented sewer behind Sew Bee It Clothier on Etsy. She happened to make a fabulous little purse out of some of my Hello Gorgeous fabric that I ended up purchasing for my stylish, adorable Grandma. Alison and I had a lovely little dialogue back and forth, and she graciously volunteered to help make any samples that I might need for market. Umm, to say the least, I took her up on her offer. She started out as a complete stranger , but now is a dear friend, although we’ve never met in person. (Going to have to change that!!!) Alison is one of the most positive, delightful, strong, and generous people on this planet…not to mention that she can sew, like Beyonce can dance!

The next super-star takes project perfection to a whole new level! Meet Belinda.

1) Inspirational baby bib, burp cloth, booties and carrying clutch 2) Inspirational Garden Party Tango apron
3) Inspirational baby bib, burp cloth, booties and carrying clutch

Belinda is a true talent and I became familiar with her stellar work after she posted some projects on my Iza Pearl Facebook wall that she and her adorable nieces made using my Cabana Blooms fabric collection. She then also shared an apron she had sewn using my fabric for a national Container Store advertisement. I was curious to who this sweet and super talented lady was, so I began Google stalking her :) and soon had spent hours enthralled by the beauty of her projects on her Flickr account. I knew that I wanted an apron made using my Garden Party Tango fabrics because we all know that every Garden Party hostesses needs a beautiful apron to tango in! I reached out to Belinda, and THANKFULLY she said yes! So, I sent her the sketch of what I had in mind and she whipped it up…perfectly!  She then wanted to keep tangoing, so I got her some more fabric, and what came back?… complete adorableness… baby bibs, burp cloths, booties and a hip little clutch that holds it all. What a wonderful gift she is!

These next needle throwing Ninjas are really quite fabulous!

1) Garden Party Tango Tic Tac Toe & Checkers Game Quilt

Meet Debbie and Kelly Buford, mother & daughter-in-law super sewists. One day, a couple of years ago, my husband and I were having dinner to meet my dear friend Katy’s new boyfriend, Scott. We started out with the normal get-to-know you small talk, and then by the main course, broke out the heavy conversation topics…like long-arm quilting. :) Scott was telling me how his mother is a long-arm quilter and his sister-in-law works at a local quilt shop. He mentioned that his mom might be interested in doing some quilting for me for market.  I ended up asking for her expertise and she quilted the Hello Gorgeous Picture Perfect Quilt by Erin Schlosser for display at the 2012 Fall Quilt Market. Debbie did such an amazing job, so of course, I contacted her this year to see if she would help. I came up with this “game quilt” concept and sent her the sketch of my idea. She recruited her talented and sweet-as-can-be daughter-in-law, Kelly, to help with it. Let me tell you, it turned out so much better than I imagined…complete with a great carrying tote and appliqued “crowns” on the checkers. Truly everyone that has seen this adorable projects wants it!! I’m so very grateful that these sweet ladies, whom I’ve never met in person, took the time to share their incredible talents!…and that “never met in person” thing is about to change, because as of this past Friday Katy and Scott are ENGAGED!! I’m not afraid to invite myself to their wedding. ;) I’m there!! I’m so very happy for them both. They both are INCREDIBLE people with awesome, I mean, AWESOME families and I can’t wait for their happily ever after to begin!!

Next up, the sweet, super-talented, and all-around-dynamite darling, Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs.

1) Garden Party Hopscotch Quilt 2) Petal Panache Floor Cushion 3) The Laura Tote 4) Flower Garden Quilt 5) The Kate Tote 6) Inspirational Garden Party Tango placemats and napkins 7) Welcome Gnome Pillow (which was an adorable freebie pattern offered by Erin at market and now this limited edition pattern is available for purchase)

I first met Erin while taking a pajama bottom sewing class at City Crafta local and awesome little fabric shop. Erin was the teacher, and I was the student, complete with baby-bear level sewing skills. Erin is so very patient, encouraging and sew extremely talented. Not only is she uber-creative with a great design eye, she has a true talent for teaching and writing for her craft. Erin helped out tremendously with my samples for my Hello Gorgeous collection, so when I found out that I was going to have my own booth this year, I knew I wanted Erin to be a part of it and I am forever GRATEFUL she agreed. She helped out with the booth design, set up & tear down, and was a amazing brainstorming partner in the planning process; and of course, she made show-stopping projects. Last market, we collaborated on The Laura Tote and this year created her sister, The Kate Tote. These bag ladies (hee hee) truly were a hit…as were all the things she created!! She sells her awesome patterns via her Schlosser Designs website. Truly there are not enough positive adjectives to describe this gal, her heart of gold, or her talent. All I can say, is watch out Martha Stewart!!

Next, meet the wonderful and sweet Julie of Teddy Boy Style

1) Inspirational baby newsboy cap and pants 2) Art Museum Vest & Sketchbook Shirt by Oliver + S 3) Patricia Tunic by Sis Boom 

Julie is a true talented and sweet jewel, and I’m very lucky that she was willing to help with my market craziness!! I reached out to my dad’s cousin and really, my mentor in the quilting industry, who owns a great fabric store, Harper’s Fabrics & Quilt Co., in Overland Park, Kansas looking for anyone that could help sew samples for market.  Julie was one of the gals who offered to help. I was so very relieved and she did an outstanding job! She said she particularly loves sewing for little boys, which was such a blessing to me as most prefer sewing for the girlie girls. She runs a fabulous little Etsy shop, Teddy Boy Style, creating precious items for your little misters.  My sweet nephew literally shed tears when he found out that he couldn’t “keep” his shirt because I needed it for display at market. I since have returned it to him and his entire “police” outfit, including the shirt and tie, have been worn to pre-school numerous times. He (as do I and his teachers!) LOVES his Julie-made attire!

Meet the next Harper girl, Mary Honas, who came to the rescue…

1) Spotlight Serenade Quilt (pattern will be available when the fabric ships in March)

Mary is a wonderful quilter and human being. She was incredible to work with and took my little sketch and “figured” out how to make it come to life…and let me tell you, that “figuring out” took some major brain power, but folks, in true Super Woman style, she did it!!!…and didn’t it BEAUTIFULLY!! I truly LOVE this quilt and am so honored that she had her hand in it. She is an incredible quilter, and to be blown away by her work go check her quilting business, First Rate Designs’ Facebook page.

So, my next ninja, I also came to know via Harper’s Fabric. Meet the fabulous and fantastic Monica…

Monica and I met while I was at Harper’s Fabric doing a Meet-n-Greet promoting my Hello Gorgeous fabric collection. Monica was so very, very kind and encouraging and bought some Hello Gorgeous fabric to make outfits for her gorgeous granddaughters. She gave me her email along with an offer to sew for me if I ever needed samples made. She then sent me pics of her grandaughters in their little Hello Gorgeous outfits and I was truly in LOVE.  I held on to her email like the precious treasure it was. When it was time to start tangoing, I reached out to this amazing lady and she was on board! She created five amazing and detailed pieces that fit the little models perfectly and made them shine with confidence. I’m so very grateful this busy lady shared her time & talent!!

Next, meet Ronald Delice of ron-n-ron.

1) Inspirational men’s shirt 2) Inspirational women’s tunic 3) Inspirational men’s shirt 4) Inspirational men’s swim trunks 5) Inspirational women’s blouse

Let me just tell you folks, this guy brought some high-fashion and an unparalleled sense of inspiration to Quilt Market. Ron-n-ron is a menswear fashion label created by twin brothers Ronald and Rony Delice. So, I knew when I sent him some of my fabric to “play” with, I’d get back something fabulous. Asking for only 1 item, Ron returned, a fabulous FIVE!! (all amidst preparing for the United Colors of Fashion Gala fashion show) This guy is so full of life, OVERFLOWS with style, charm, and, fun and is an unbelievable visionary! So honored he had a part in my Quilt Market journey!!

Next meet sweet Sarah.

1) Inspirational Garden Party Trimmed Denim Tunic 2) Tova Top

I met Sarah when she worked at the stylish little fabric shop, City Craft. Let me tell you, this darling doll has got talent! Last year for market, she create a fabulous Hello Gorgeous Weekend Tote, working only off a sketch I gave her. She did a phenomenal job; and so I was over-the-moon when she agreed to help again this year. She created an adorable Garden Party Tango trimmed denim tunic for me and then a Tova Top for my sister. We LOVE these pieces. As her full-time job, Sarah totally uses her talent to create fabulous and intricate costumes for a local theatre…seriously, how cool is that?!?

Last, but certainly not least, (just happens she is last because I introduced the sewing ninjas in first name alphabetical order :) ), is the tremendous Tracey Jacobsen of Traceyjay Quilts.

Tracey has a fabulous quilting and sewing blog, Traceyjay Quilts, in which I stumbled upon one day. She had made an adorable little shirt for her precious daughter using some of my Hello Gorgeous fabrics. I left a comment about it’s adorableness and Tracey emailed me offering to design a quilt for market! What a deal!! I was SOOO excited!! She did an incredible job and it completely made my heart sing when I unfolded it for the first time! The Rendezvous pattern is available for purchase via Tracey’s pattern shop.

So, there you have it folks, the 11 beautiful hearts, 22 incredible hands, and 110 fantastic fingers that stitched, sewed and poured love into our beautiful and happy Garden Party Tango booth. I’m truly honored, humbled and GRATEFUL for the time, talent and passion that each one of these incredible people shared with this world. In closing, Quilt Market was awesome because of each of these people…and WE rocked it!! :) Thank you all!! xo!


  1. Belinda says:

    So honored to be one of such a talented group! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Would do it again in a heart beat :)

    • izapearl says:

      Careful what you say Belinda ;) …working on my next collection this very second!! xo!

  2. Julie says:

    Melissa, you are so wonderful and loving and talented. Thank you for thanking everyone who helped sew for quilt market and putting us out in front!! Like Belinda, I would do it again. XOXO

    • izapearl says:

      Julie, thanks so much for your sweet words!! :) So glad that I didn’t scare all you ninjas off with the craziness of it all!! Happy New Year to you!! xo!

  3. Melissa, working with you on this very special project was an absolute DREAM for me. I was thrilled with every turn and twist of each project! Every time I heard a FedEx truck start down the street, my heart would race and I would make a bee line to the front door to greet him!
    I might only ask that God puts us together again, for another fabulous collaboration in fabric and designs! I was so sad when the last box was shipped to be with you…..it felt like the end of such a great adventure.
    To think that not only did I get to play a small part in this extremely gorgeous and well done display, I got to meet some incredibly talented fellow sewists and quilters! I think that that has been the biggest blessing for me. The friendships, they are my true gifts. You all inspire me.
    And to think during this entire labor of love, we have never spoken to each other. THAT must change. :)

    • izapearl says:

      Alison, I owe you so much dear and truly it was a DREAM for ME to have such a wonderful GOD-sent team of crazy talented folks!! Agree…let’s chat soon!! xo!

  4. Erin says:

    Thank YOU for sharing your gorgeous and happy designs with us in the form of fabric! I am always delighted to work with your amazing collections and can’t wait to see what’s in store next!!! :*

  5. Beatrice says:

    Love reading your blog and learning about your exciting journey and the talented people you have met along the way!

  6. mary honas says:

    It was a pleasure to work with you! Part of the fun was working with your fabric designs. What I enjoyed even more was your enthusiasm and sweet spirit. I’d do it again, in a heart beat!

    • izapearl says:

      Thanks for your kind words dear Mary!! Your patience and perseverance with that crazy quilt were true gifts for my panicked stricken heart!! Hope your 2014 is treating you so well!!

  7. Everything looked amazing, and what a talented bunch! Congrats to everyone and to you, too, Melissa! This is one of my favorite collections… ever!

    • izapearl says:

      Laura, thank you so much!! Can’t wait to see all the crazy wonderful things your create in 2014!! Hugs!!

  8. Elizabeth N. says:

    Like I said on Instagram, your booth was my FAVORITE from market and I am so excited for your line to arrive in the shop in March. It is just a breath of fresh air to look at these gorgeous pics on a dreary winter day.

    And! You are from Wellington, how fun! My grandmother lived there and I have an aunt and an uncle who are still there.

    • izapearl says:

      Thanks so much Elizabeth!! We truly LOVED every minute we worked on our booth and then spent at market!! :)

    • izapearl says:

      Elizabeth, wow…what a small world!! Wellington is a itty-bitty of a place! :) So honored our booth was your favorite from market…there were so many crazy awesome ones!! :) Can’t wait to see what you might whip up with the collection…please do share!! Hugs!

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