The Great Pajama Giveaway

Hooray for Joy!!
Joy, we’ll email you to get the sizes of your two favorite items and get them on their way to you!
Just fyi,  we chose the winner via Thanks a million bazillion to all who entered!!

Besides being made in beautiful Dallas, Texas, USA and totally comfy, one of the great things about our pjs is there are so many fun prints, style, and color combos to mix and match to create your own snoozing style.  Some nights, okay and some days too, I’m a navy daisies sleep shorts and super soft Shelter Island long sleeve tee sort of gal, other times I layer this tank and tee and rock my favorite pair of pants. (which happens to also match perfectly with my robe)

Speaking of matching, sometimes it’s totally fun to be twinkies with your favorite little!! My darling, darling, did I mention she is darling, niece came to visit, and we totally loved being twins!

We’re curious to what is your perfect pj combination is, so we’ve decided the best way to find out is to do a  GIVEAWAY of YOUR two favorite Iza Pearl Sleepwear items. Hooray!!

To enter, go visit our Iza Pearl Sleepwear shop , pick out your two favorite items (any two items), and leave a comment below telling us which two items you picked. We will randomly select a winner from the comments below on Friday, Ocotber 10th at 4:30pm

If you want to increase your odds, you can enter multiple times multiple ways:

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Then, make sure you leave a separate comment below for each way you entered or each friend you tagged. The winner will be selected from the comments on the blog. 

For, those of you who don’t win, no fear, through Monday, 10/13 use discount code FAVORITES at checkout for 20% off!! (psst…AND our Ya’ll It’s Fall SALE is running through the weekend on our pants and long sleeve tops…and folks that a total savings of $21.40 on a pair of pants!!)


  1. Jennifer Higgins Witham says:

    I absolutely adore your Garden Party Tango pjs! Love the pants with long sleeved top to brighten up fall/winter and add the Cosmo Pop top too. It looks soft and comfy. And who could forget the matching robe to top it all off?

  2. Lyssa Rel says:

    I love the Garden Party Tango fabric line and was so excited to see it in clothing. I am in love with the sleep pants and robe! !

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  5. Lyssa Rel says:

    Following on Instagram

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    Signed up for the newsletter! ♡

  7. Nicole Marshall says:

    I luuurve the shelter island shirt and blue medallion mambo pants!!

  8. Nicole Marshall says:

    Following on Instagram @chloechristineshop :)

  9. Nicole Marshall says:

    Facebook fan :) liked/shared!! Thanks for throwing such a fab giveaway

  10. Amy Dorsch says:

    I LOVE Petal-Paso Doble PJ pants and the Aqua Daisies PJ pants. I am in love with woven cotton PJ pants. I only have one pair and I’m dying to get my hands on some Iza Pearl ones. :)

  11. Amy Dorsch says:

    Already signed up for the newsletter. :)

  12. Amy Dorsch says:

    Following on Instagram @amydorsch and @midwestmontessori :)

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    I like Iza Pearl on Facebook. :)

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    Photo shared to my timeline on Facebook. :)

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    Shared on Facebook with Kati Rinehart, Ashley Granberry, Chelsey Tiemeyer, and Amanda Dorsch. *4 people total*

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    Regrammed :)

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    I tagged 33 people in your photo on Instagram!! :)

  18. I LOVE the garden party tango pants and the dude shorts! It’s so hard to find cute stuff for my little men and these look perfectly tailored to fit my little guys! We would LOVE to win! :)

    Stephanie White Wentworth
    The Happening Housewife Blog

  19. Liked on FB! :)

  20. Totally shared on FB too!

  21. Deff followed on IG! :)

  22. Who wouldn’t want to share with friends on IV?! I did!

  23. Correction^^ IG** :) )
    Also shared on IG! :) from @thehappeninghousewife

  24. This mommy bloggin chick subscribed for the coolest newsletter!

  25. On Instagram I tagged 10 friends to your post! :) xoxo Good luck everyone! -THH

  26. Courtney kern says:

    i LOVE the garden party robe and the navy daisy shorts, seriously so cute!

  27. Courtney kern says:

    Liked on facebook!

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    Shared on facebook too! :)

  29. Courtney kern says:

    Followed on Instagram! :)

  30. Jeri says:

    I’m a pants and tank girl! I love the pink hexies and any of the tanks. So cute!

  31. Jeri says:

    Shared on my FB page.

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    Following on IG

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    Regrammed on IG

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    Signed up for the newsletter

  36. Kara says:

    I love lounging in my super soft & cozy Shelter Island shirt and the Berry Hexagon pants during these cool fall evenings. But I slip into my Garden Party Tango shorts and Berries & Cream tank to sleep in because –well that’s just who I am! In the mornings I slip on my Garden Party robe and love it! It would be fun to win a matching Garden Party set for my niece or the dude shorts and tee for my nephew!

  37. MeeshD says:

    Loving your designs!! I adore the Aqua Daisies pants with the Heaven tank combo! Thank-you for such a fun opportunity!

  38. MeeshD says:

    Following now on IG (RenoRx)

  39. MeeshD says:

    Also ‘liked’ on Facebook!

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    I am also all signed up for the newsletter, thank-you for the discount code.

  41. Celeste says:

    the Berry Hexagon bottoms + Berry Hexagon Hustle top!

  42. Celeste says:

    tagged 10 friends on IG (@teacher_closet)

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    following you on IG! (@teacher_closet)

  44. Brittany west says:

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    Styles I love berry tank top and berry hexagon pants :) )

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  52. Beth R says:

    Love the Garden Party Tango shorts and Refreshment Tee!

  53. Beth R says:

    I “like” your page on facebook!

  54. Alice Lewis says:

    Loving the Navy Daisies Sleep Shorts and Garden Party Robe! SO adorable!

  55. Alice Lewis says:

    I follow on Instagram!

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    I “like” Iza Pearl on Facebook!

  57. Suzie Hurst says:

    Love the Garden Party Tango pants with the Cosmo Pop top! :)

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    I follow your facebook page!

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    I shared your post on facebook!

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    I tagged Ann Barkley, Jennifer Barkley Mains, and Michelle Cantrell. :)

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    I also signed up for the newsletter!

  62. Patti S says:

    Super cute stuff, I fell in love with the fox trot floral lounge pants and Coral Crush top. perfect for the fall days ahead.

  63. Elle Casner says:

    I love the Blue Medallion Mambo and Blue Hexagon Hustle! Love the colors and geometrics! You are a brilliant designer! Can’t wait for the jersey robes…

  64. Elle Casner says:

    Already liked on Facebook, there isn’t a “love” button.

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  71. joy says:

    LOVE you on Facebook!

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  74. Gina Rusk says:

    I love the Blue Medallion Mambo and the Garden Party Tango!

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    Shared on FB, liked on Instagram

  76. Elle Casner says:

    Signed up for the newsletter…

  77. Courtney kern says:

    Tagged 5 friends on Facebook:)

  78. Mandi Hursh says:

    Love, love, LOVE the garden party tango robe!! Hard to decide on the pants, but the petal paso-doble looks pretty gorgeous!! So proud of you!!!!!!

  79. kimberlee says:

    Aqua daisies pants with refreshment tee.

  80. kimberlee says:

    I like Iza Pearl on fb. :)

  81. kimberlee says:

    I follow on instagram @javadiva

  82. Courtney kern says:

    Regrammed on Instagram :) ))

  83. Donna Smith says:

    I think those ‘Blue Medallion Mambo Pants’ would make me want to mambo ‘Teal the Sun Comes Up’ -tank! :)

  84. Heather Bridgwater says:

    I would love to win the Berry Hexagon pant with the Berry & Cream tank

  85. Heather Bridgwater says:

    I shared on facebook

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    I sent invites to like your page to every woman in my friends list. I have a lot of woman I know!! One said they liked you page immediately after she saw your stuff!

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    I am following you on Instagram

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    I even just shared another ad to win the PJ’s on my Timeline!!

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    I am following you on Pinterest!

  92. Erica says:

    I love the corral medallion mombo shorts and the aqua daisies pants!! But it was def a hard decision! They are all so cute!!

  93. Paige Ramsey says:

    Love all the great colors, but my favorite is the magenta daisies pants with the fruit tank. Great work, as per usual!!

  94. Rosalynn says:

    I love all of them, I have looked them over but can not decide. They are all lovely, so very proud of you!

  95. Courtney kern says:

    Shared on facebook!

  96. Courtney kern says:

    Tagged 4 friends on Instagram :) !!

  97. Laura Lobdell says:

    Love the garden party tango pants and top! Love it all, actually… :)

  98. Carol Mendoza says:

    Love the Garden Party Tango bottoms, a fun happy pattern. For the top the Shelter Island long sleeve shirt the trim makes it the best.

  99. Carol Mendoza says:

    My next favorite is Petal Paso, I love flowers : ) Any of the pastel tees or the Shelter Island shirt, I also love color : )

  100. Heather Bridgwater says:

    I think I have to have the Garden Party Tango to sip tea with my daughter Ashley in her matching pair. I actually can’t decide which pants I love more.

  101. CONGRATS JOY!!! :)

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